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Artisan StoneGRANITE

The Artisan Stone Collection represents some of the world's

finest granite, hand-selected from the best stone quarries from all around the world. 

It's also the FIRST and ONLY stone backed by a residential

LIFETIME WARRANTYagainst food and beverage staining.

Gorgeous GRANITE

  • What is the difference between granite and quartz?  Deciding between granite and quartz can sometimes be challenging, but if you understand the different properties of the two surfaces you can select the countertop that best suits your individual needs.  Granite is a natural stone that is removed from the surface of the earth from areas all over the world then cut into slabs and polished for use as countertops and other building materials.  Because it is a product of nature, different slabs of granite cut from the same area of the ground can look very different from one another due to variances in veining and different color patterns.  Many people prefer this natural look and appreciate the natural beauty of granite.  Even though granite is a very hard substance it can still be slightly porous, so it's necessary to apply a seal to the top of the granite to prevent foods and liquids from saturating the stone and causing staining.  Quartz, on the other hand, is a man-made material, often referred to as "engineered stone".  It is composed of approximately 95% granite and 5% resins to hold the product together.  Because it is engineered, the patterns and veining on the quartz product will be more consistent than what you will get with natural granite.  Like granite, it is also a very hard and durable surface.  In addition, because the resins used to manufacture quartz go through the entire product, quartz is less porous than granite and does not need to be sealed, thereby making it "maintenance free".  All-in-all, it all comes down to personal preferences.
  • Is granite durable?  Yes, granite is one of the most durable countertop surfaces you can choose for your home.  It's naturally hard and strong and offers a higher level of heat resistance than some of the other countertop materials.
  • Can I put hot pans directly on my granite and not worry about causing damage?  While granite is a very durable stone, we recommend that you don't place anything that's really hot on any countertop surface.  Just to be safe, it's always better to scatter a few cutting boards or trivets around your kitchen to avoid any unnecessary damage from excessive heat.
  • Can I cut on my granite countertop?  Yes, you can cut on your granite countertop, but we don't recommend it. Some foods (such as foods that are highly acidic) can eventually dull the finish on the granite.  Also, since granite is a very hard substance, your knives will become very dull very quickly. We recommend using a cutting board to keep your granite looking beautiful and your knives sharp.
  • Someone told me that the granite I see in your showroom may not look exactly like the granite that will be installed in my home.  Is that true? Granite is a natural material that is mined from various quarries all over the world.  Because it is a natural product, each slab of granite will have it's own unique look and unique properties.  We always suggest to our customers that they select the actual slab from the stone yard so that they can decide which slab will look best in their home.  Not only is it fun to pick out your granite slab, but there won't be any surprises when the granite is installed.
  • A friend told me that granite can stain.  Is this true?  The granite that we sell is the only granite that has a "one-of-a-kind" residential lifetime warranty against food and beverage staining.  Even so, if the seal on your granite has started to break down, you don't necessarily want to be replacing your beautiful granite countertops and needlessly tearing up your kitchen or damaging your cabinetry from the removal of the granite.  We recommend that you wipe up any spills promptly to avoid any damage to the countertop.   In addition, a few times a year we recommend that you apply a sealer to the granite to protect the seal.  This is a very simple process that any homeowner can easily do.  We'd be more than happy to explain the process to you.
  • How thick is the granite that you sell?  All of the granite that we sell is 3 centimeters thick (that's equivalent to approximately 1 1/4").
  • Are there different edge styles available for my granite countertop?  Yes, we offer a variety of different edge styles.  We'd be happy to help you select one that you like.
  • I heard that granite contains radon?  Is this true?  Is granite safe for use in my home?  The Marble Institute of America has written a very informative article about the existence of radon in granite.  Please feel free to visit their website at to learn the facts about this common myth.

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